Hello from Bride and Roses!

Hello and welcome to Bride and Roses!

I am Patricia, makeup artist and founder of Bride and Roses. This is my first blog and I want to share who we are, what we do, what is our vision & dreams and why we are different?

After years of working in a beauty industry I realized that not every makeup artist and hair stylist can work with brides.. It is not enough to do makeup & hair. You have to absolutely love what you are doing, be calm, yet efficient, punctual, organised and have a kit of good quality products to achieve flawless looks and deliver top service, hence everyone at Bride and Roses is carefully selected. To keep the quality to high standard every team member is insured and works on a freelance basis, so that they feel 100% responsible for their reputation in the market. It is very important to me what values each team member carries. Everyone at Bride and Roses are down to earth people, lovely to have around, good listeners, genuine about their work, they talk love, life and, of course, beauty (inside and out!).

So please, give a warm welcome to us – a team of well experienced and highly trained mobile beauty lovers comprising of makeup artists and hair stylists specializing in creating bespoke bridal looks. For all your special day makeup and hair needs, we will come to your doorstep offering a very unique service in a personalized environment!


Bride and Roses stemmed from years of experience in the beauty world and our passion, particularly for bridal beauty, making sure your most important day lives up to all your expectations, however high and outrageous.

Our mission is to bring professional, skilled and knowledgeable bridal beauty makeup artists and hairstylists to the brides and create individual and bespoke looks for maximum confidence on a wedding day.

Our vision on the other hand is to ensure brides look impeccably flawless and feel amazing!

We are skilled to enhance your beauty giving you a natural and flawless complexion as you walk down the aisle that will last all through the day. Taking into consideration the latest trends, applications techniques, and beauty products our stylists will customize the most suitable and unique look for you.


Our team is friendly and fiercely proud of punctuality, quality and reliability. You can depend on us to show up on time, well prepared and ready to accentuate your look to utter perfection. Our professionalism is gained from our experience in the business and it offers a perfect blend with our enthusiasm.

As a company, we strive to give you an unforgettable experience. With our services, a stylist will be one less thing you will have to worry about on your special day.

Our competitiveness in the industry had us being among the regional finalists in the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards further showing the level of quality in our services. Moreover, we come highly recommended from brides we have worked with who had incredible experiences on their wedding day.

But, I guess the most important thing is that we all believe in everlasting love!

Thank you for reading this post. Smile, you are beautiful and loved!



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